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Take It to Your Seat Reading and Language Centers, Grade 5

Reading/language Arts
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Motivate your students to practice reading and language skills!

Help your grade 5 students practice and reinforce reading and language skills using the delightful, highly motivating centers in Take It to Your Seat Reading and Language Centers, Grade 5.

12 full-color centers cover the following standards-correlated skills:

1. Idioms
Recognize idioms as phrases that mean something different from what the individual words seem to mean.

2. Synonyms / Antonyms
Distinguish between synonyms as words that have almost the same meaning and antonyms as words with opposite meanings.

3. Homophones
Identify homophones as words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings.

4. Homographs
Identify homographs as words that sound the same and are spelled the same, but have different meanings.

5. Prefixes
Identify prefixes as word parts added to the beginning of words, which changes the meanings of those words.

6. Suffixes
Identify suffixes as word parts added to the end of words, which changes the meanings and part of speech.

7. Greek and Latin Roots
Identify word roots that form the base of words and can give clues to the words' meaning.

8. Parts of Speech
Identify poper nouns, past tense verbs, descriptive adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions.

9. Analogies
Identify the relationship between objects in an analogy.

10. Fact or Opinion
Distinguish whether text is based on fact or opinion.

11. Word Meaning from Context
Use contect clues when reading to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words in text.

12. Main Idea
Identify the main idea of a paragraph and choose the best title.