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Daily Math Practice Grade 3

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Third Grade Math Workbooks

Daily Math Practice Grade 3
Your grade 3 students will build mastery and retention by applying these lessons for as little as 15 minutes a day. Practice computation, word problems, and dozens of other important math skills are covered, all in a range of difficulty appropriate for grade 3. There are 36 weeks worth of lessons, each divided as follows.

Practice five items a day Monday through Thursday: two computation problems, two items that practice a variety of math skills, one word problem. Friday's lesson contains a single problem that is more extensive and may require multiple steps. These problems emphasize reasoning and communication in mathematics.

Daily Math Practice, Grade 3 includes practice lessons on the following topics: Computation, addition & subtraction facts, column addition,multiplication & division facts, multi-digit addition, subtraction, regrouping, multi-digit addition & subtraction, regrouping, multi-digit by 1-digit multiplication, regrouping, multi-digit by 1-digit multiplication w/ regrouping, 2-digit by 1-digit division w/o remainders, 2-digit by 1-digit division w/ remainders, solve word problems, Number, write number sentences, write word problems, read & write numbers, read & write number words, round numbers to nearest thousand, place value, count by two, threes, etc., odd/even, ordinal numbers, estimation, greater/less than, equal to, properties, number, relationships, fractions & decimals, Patterns, create, name, describe, extend, Geometry, shapes, symmetry

congruency, perimeter, area, line segments, angles, Measurement, weight & capacity, time, linear measure

money, Data, read & interpret graphs, create graphs. The page for each day features a place for the student to enter his or her name. All pages are reproducible. Just one example of an exercise found in this book is: úWhat is the perimeter of this building?î (accompanied by a diagram of a building with 8 walls of various lengths, indicated in meters). There is an answer key for each week and a scope and sequence chart. The scope and sequence charts detail the specific skills to be practiced and show when they will be presented. The skills included are those found in math texts at each level. Lessons are illustrated with basic line art of things familiar to any third grade student. All 112 reproducible pages perforated for easy removal.

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