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History Pockets, Grades 4-6, Colonial America

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In History PocketsÄColonial America, Grades 4ì6, you_ll find eight memorable discovery pockets. The introduction pocket gives an overview of the settlement of the thirteen original colonies. The other pockets feature a look at the aspects of colonial life in the northern, middle, and southern colonies.The book contains the following pockets: Introduction to Colonial AmericaÄmaps and a time line, The First SettlementsÄLost Colony, Jamestown, and Plymouth, The Native AmericansÄstorytelling, rich languages, and peace treaty, Homes and VillagesÄwood-plank homes, log cabins, and plantations, Daily LifeÄfood, clothing, and games, SchoolÄpenmanship, hornbooks, and daily schedule, WorkÄtrades, apprenticeship, and slavery, Memorable PeopleÄJohn Smith, Pocahontas, Squanto, and more. In each of the pockets you will find: a reproducible pocket labellisam, a bookmark of short, fun facts about the subject, a fact sheet of background information for teacher and students, arts and crafts projects, plus writing activities. Evaluation forms are provided at the end of the book for teacher and student assessment purposes.

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