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About Us

About Us

The original member in our family of websites, SchooDoodle was launched in October of 2006. SchooDoodle is an ongoing work in progress, but we have always kept the core principals static:
Quick delivery
Competitive pricing
Honest communication
Many people ask us where we came up with the name SchooDoodle. It was simply a memorable combination of school and google...SchooDoodle!
And to be honest, we cannot take credit for creating such a memorable url. The catchy name was the brain-child of Mr. Michael Stearns, our lead website developer.

We here at Chicago School Suppply are very proud of SchooDoodle. Since it was launched, the website has grown steadily in sales and scope.
90% of our monthly visitors are browsing SchooDoodle for the first time. 50% of our revenues, however, come from the 10% of returning visitors. What do those statistics mean? Our customers enjoy the SchooDoodle shopping experience and are loyal to the brand - Thank you!

In addition to the thousands of orders that have been processed, SchooDoodle shares free lesson plans for teachers on its education blog. The blog also shares the latest news and views in the world of education. Click the link below to join the conversation!

Be sure to visit our Web 2.0 section of Chicago School Supply to keep in touch via blog, Facebook, and Twitter - we are always adding new friends to our social network. Click the link below to get social!

Thank you for being our client - we appreciate it very much!