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History Pockets, Grades 1-3, Life in Plymouth Colony

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In History PocketsÄLife in Plymouth Colony, Grades 1ì3, you_ll find eight memorable discovery pockets. The following pockets provide a comprehensive view of the Pilgrims and their way of life.The book includes the following pockets: Voyage to the New WorldÄcrossing the Atlantic Ocean on the ship Mayflower, The New WorldÄNative Americans and the first Thanksgiving, Building a VillageÄhouses, shops, a meetinghouse, and the village green , Home Sweet HomeÄfurniture and tools in the keeping room, The FamilyÄfood, clothing, and manners, Working in Plymouth ColonyÄjobs for men, women, and children, Going to SchoolÄreading, åriting, and årithmetic , What Did the Pilgrims Give Us?Äcustoms, games, and recipes. In each of the pockets, you will find the following: a reproducible pocket label, four dictionary words and pictures, a fact sheet of background information for the teacher, a reproducible student information booklet complete with illustrations, arts and crafts projects, plus writing activities. Evaluation forms are provided at the end of the book to give students a chance to reflect on all they have learned.

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