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Comprehensive guide to rules and definitions. Includes examples. Grades 6ľAdult.

Topics include:

Question Mark
Exclamation Point

Period - Abbreviations
Period - Initials
Period - Initials as Abbreviations

Comma - Series
Comma - Appositive
Comma - Introductory Expression

Comma - Short Phrase in Sentence
Comma - Dependent Clause
Comma - Nonrestrictive/Restrictive Clause

Comma - Parenthetical Expression
Comma - Main (Independent) Clause
Comma - Compound Sentence

Comma - Parallel Adjectives
Comma - Direct Quotation
Comma - Indirect Quotation

Comma - Parts of a Letter
Semicolon - Compound Sentence
Semicolon - Transitional Expressions

Semicolon - Between Items in a Series
Colon - Common Uses
Quotation Marks - Direct Quotation

Quotation Marks - Indirect Quotation
Quotation Marks - Paraphrase
Quotation Marks - Long Quotation

Quotation Marks - Saying
Quotation Marks - Words Referred to as Words
Quotation Marks - Coined (Made-up) Words

Quotation Marks - Technical Terms
Quotation Marks - Informality, Irony, Sarcasm, or Derision
Quotation Marks - Titles

Quotation Marks - Period
Quotation Marks - Comma
Quotation Marks - Colon

Quotation Marks - Semicolon
Quotation Marks - Question Mark
Quotation Marks - Exclamation Point

Apostrophe - Contractions
Apostrophe - Show Possession
Apostrophe - Plurals

Hyphen - Compound Words
Hyphen - Compound Phrases
Hyphen - Numbers

Hyphen - Fractions
Hyphen - Emphasize Spelling
Hyphen - Divide Long Words

Dash - Break or Hesitation
Dash - Sudden Change in Thought
Dash - Emphasis

Dash - Credit Lines
Parentheses - Extra Information
Parentheses - Numbers

Parentheses - References
Capitalize - First Word of Sentence
Capitalize - First Word in Direct Quotation

Capitalize - Interrupted Quotation
Capitalize - Titles of Published Works
Capitalize - Personal and Official Titles

Capitalize - Names and Initials of Persons
Capitalize - Words of Family Relationship
Capitalize - Word Used as Name of a Person

Capitalize - Names of National, Political, or Ethnic Groups
Capitalize - Names of Businesses, Organizations, and Schools
Capitalize - Religious Groups, Figures, and Scriptures

Capitalize - Names of Places and Things
Capitalize - Directions
Capitalize - Names of Buildings, Monuments

Capitalize - Course Titles, School Subjects for Language or Country
Capitalize - Abbreviated Academic Degrees
Capitalize - Names of Distinct Objects.

Capitalize - Brand Names and Trademarks
Using Words For Numbers
Using Figures for Numbers

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