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MATH 2 FLIP UP STUDY GUIDE - Grades 6 and Up

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Grade 6 Math Workbooks

Fractions, decimals, ratio, proportions, percent, probability, graphs, square roots, metric conversions. Grades 6ľAdult.


Like Fractions
Unlike Fractions

Equivalent Fractions
Common Denominator
Least Common Multiple (LCM)

Finding the LCM
Listing Multiples
Prime Factorization

Comparing Fractions
Expressing Fractions in Simplest Form
Simplest Form

Reducing to Lowest Terms
Proper Fraction
Improper Fraction

Mixed Number
Adding Like Fractions
Adding Unlike Fractions

Least Common Denominator (LCD)
Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions

Dividing Fractions
Decimal Equivalents for Common Fractions

Ratio: First Term
Ratio: Second Term

Solving Proportion Problems
Solving Percent Problems

Solving Percent Problems: Type 1
Solving Percent Problems: Type 2
Solving Percent Problems: Type 3

Percent: Sales Tax
Percent: Discount
Percent: Commission Rate

Percent: Investment Amount
Simple Interest
Compound Interest

Finding the Real Yearly Interest Rate
Powers of Numbers
Powers of Numbers: Base

Powers of Numbers: Exponent
Square Roots
Listing of Square Roots for Numbers 1 - 50

Three Kinds of Averages

Problem Solving

Picture Graph
Bar Graph
Line Graph

Circle Graph
Measurements: Length/Distance: Metric
Kilometer (km)

Hectometer (hm)
Dekameter (dam)
Meter (m)

Decimeter (dm)
Centimeter (cm)
Millimeter (mm)

Measurements: Length/Distance: English to Metric
Mile (mi)
Yard (yd)

Foot (ft)
Inch (in)
Measurements: Weight: Metric

Kilogram (kg)
Hectogram (hg)
Dekagram (dag)

Gram (g)
Decigram (dg)
Centigram (cg)

Milligram (mg)
Measurements: Weight: English to Metric
Ton (tn)

Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)
Measurements: Liquid Capacity: Metric

Kiloliter (kL)
Hectoliter (hL)
Dekaliter (daL)

Liter (L)
Deciliter (dL)
Centiliter (cL)

Milliliter (mL)
Measurements: Liquid Capacity: English to Metric
Gallon (gal)

Quart (qt)
Pint (pt)
Measurements: Dry Capacity: Metric

Kiloliter (kL)
Hectoliter (hL)
Dekaliter (daL)

Liter (L)
Deciliter (dL)
Centiliter (cL)

Milliliter (mL)
Measurements: Dry Capacity: English to Metric
Bushel (bu)

Peck (pk)
Quart (qt)
Pint (pt)

Converting Area
Converting Volume
Changing Metric Units

Conversion Formulas: Length
Conversion Formulas: Mass/Wt
Conversion Formulas: Volume

Conversion Formulas: Area
Conversion Formulas: Temperature
Tables of Measure: Linear Measure

Tables of Measure: Square Measure (Area)
Tables of Measure: Cubic Measure (Volume)
Tables of Measure: Liquid Measure

Tables of Measure: Dry Measure
Tables of Measure: Counting
Tables of Measure: Avoirdupois Weight

Tables of Measure: Time Measure
Tables of Measure: Circular Measure
Number Prefixes: One-half

Number Prefixes: One
Number Prefixes: One and One-half
Number Prefixes: Two

Number Prefixes: Three
Number Prefixes: Four
Number Prefixes: Five

Number Prefixes: Six
Number Prefixes: Seven
Number Prefixes: Eight

Number Prefixes: Nine
Number Prefixes: Ten
Number Prefixes: Eleven

Number Prefixes: Twelve
Number Prefixes: One Hundred
Number Prefixes: One Thousand

Mathematical Symbols

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