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Science Fair Project - Expand and Contract
Investigate how cool air expands and warm air contracts

Shadow Clocks

Before there were clocks, people used shadow clocks or sundials to tell time. Students will work together to make shadow clocks.

St. Patrick's Day
Quick facts about St. Patrick's Day and the Irish

Thanksgiving Feast Facts

 Students study charts and answer questions about the production of common Thanksgiving foods.

Thanksgiving Turkey Game

 Students will brainstorm key figures and groups related to the history of Thanksgiving with this question and answer game. 

Thanksgiving Word Create

 Teach word parts and provide students with an opportunity to find smaller words in the word Thanksgiving

The History of Toys and Games
A great lesson plan that covers a range of subjects and Grade Levels (3-12)- AND- it highlights 2 of our favorite things: Toys and Games! 

The History of Valentine's Day
Interesting facts about Valentine's Day

The Most Important Book

Word Association Game