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On the math section, one fun idea for teaching the 9 tables for multiplication is using your fingers. Have students who are having difficulty with the 9 times table, use all 10 fingers-palms facing them.
Show: I I I I I I I I I
9x1= put down thumb from left( count the remaining fingers) =9
9x2= put down the index finger only from left (the finger @left) is 1(other digit) and fingers @right is the (other digit) which is 1 and 8=18.
9x3=put down middle finger of left hand only (2 fingers @left of middle finger is the other digit) and 7 fingers@right is the other digit=27..and so on..for the 9x10..put down thumb on right hand and makes it 9 on left side and 0 on right=90..For 9x11= use fingers and toes..put down big toe on left foot and count 9 on fingers and 9 on toes=99..9 x 12=put down index toe only..count fingers and toes together (10) and toes on other side of index toe (8)=108....I hope this is understandable..if not feel free to email me :)

--Daisy Tauaola-Ponausuia

Reasonable price and delivery. Good services.

I love the Novel Tie book I ordered -- and it was the best price I could find! Thanks!

MYDOODLE Online Orders
The website is easy to navigate, however, some of the photos would not appear. I'm not sure if this was my computer and connection or the website itself! Thanks for the many options!

I will be placing my first order with you today. So far your online list of products seems good. I have found things here I can't find else where.

Hi- was extremely impressed with site if not a little hesistant to give out credit card details. Really wanted the e-book Mother Goose Phonics- was disappointed that there was some problem 251(?) in relation to payment- not sure what tgus means! HELP!

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