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Schoodoodle Quick Tips Videos

Daily Warm-Ups Daily Warm-Ups
Using Daily Warm-Ups can be a great way to review previous lesson, reinforce essential skills, or just put your students in the right mindset to set the stage for learning.

Check out this new series of Daily Warm-Ups and download the free printables we've made available to you.
Differentiate Instruction Using Choice Boards Differentiate Instruction Using Choice Boards

 Fair does not mean equal in the classroom.  Giving students choices with their learning experiences is a great way to differentiate instruction based upon learning styles and interests, as well as empower students to take ownership of their learning.

Browse our entire selection of Differentiated Instruction resources and download free printables to help you get started in your classroom.



Learning Games for Kids Learning Games for Kids
We promised to share the best learning games for kids this season. Here are two of our top picks in the Toys for Creative Play category.
Learn more about Smart Car.
Learn more about Trucky3.
Stop Bullying in Schools Stop Bullying in Schools

 October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  The Obama administration has made anti-bullying a national priority to keep our children safe. Schoodoodle offers a wide variety of books, posters, and other resources for parents and teachers to address the issue of bullying and promote healthy conflict resolution strategies. 

Browse our selection of resources to prevent bullying in school and promote conflict resolution strategies. 

Using Graphic Organizers Using Graphic Organizers
Graphic organizers are great tools to help students make connections, see relationships among concepts, as well as to differentiate instruction for students with diverse learning styles. Click here to browse the Graphic Organizers series and download free samples from the books. offers a great selection of products that help you differentiate instruction.