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Energy: Light Heat & Sound Gr. 1-3 Scienceworks For Kids

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For hands-on activities about forms, behavior, and effects of energy that connect science with real life, choose Energy: Light, Heat, & Sound. This book, designed with good science and easy teaching in mind, covers these concepts: energy can move and change things, energy exists in many forms, light is energy you can see, light moves in a straight line, light can pass through some materials and is stopped by other materials, light can be controlled by blocking a light source, heat is energy you can feel, heat can cause things to move and change, heat travels from warm objects to cold ones, heat can be controlled by containing it, sound is energy you can hear, sound energy is created by vibrating objects, sound travels at different speeds through different materials, sound can be controlled by changing the length of, or directing, sound waves, light, heat, and sound can move and change matter. Activities help children practice skills in: observation, analysis, communication, making comparisons, prediction, critical thinking, and recording. Areas of study address major themes such as: change, diversity, and cause and effect. Samples of the hands-on learning experiences: investigate to prove that light travels in a straight line, test objects to determine if they are opaque, translucent, or transparent, conduct two investigations at a shadow center, make a thermometer, construct tests to determine how to keep a liquid hot, make super listener earphones and use them to conduct four investigations on sound, investigate and list materials that are good and poor conductors of sound
experiment to prove that light, heat, and sound can move or change matter, Contains many reproducible, ready-to-go resources, such as record sheets, logbook forms, minibooks, and picture cards. Illustrated throughout with fun, helpful line art. All 80 pages perforated for easy removal.

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