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Doodle Reviews

Provide us with feedback about your Schoodoodle experience, or any of the products we offer online, and we will provide you with a
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MYDOODLE Feedback on Wooden Dominoes
Thanks, Schoodoodle for selling high qualaity wooden dominoes when everyone else went to Plastic!

MYDOODLE floor puzzles
I was thrilled to find your website and even more happy with the great selection of large-piece floor puzzles you have available. I am putting together a wishlist for next year's classroom and have found marvelous items on your site thus far. Thanks so much!
--Andrea Sharp

MYDOODLE Scented Dough
hello schoodoodle,
my children really love the scented dough you sell. i was amazed at the realistic smells! we use the dough for art projects and play time. i found that if i bake the dough in the oven at a really low temp (200) for a few hours, it gets hard like a glass. we then mix glue and water and put a nice finish on the sculptures. i love shopping with you!
Thanks Kelly! The Dazzlin Dough is super-fun! You can also cook it in the microwave on a low temperature setting to harden the dough. If your kids every leave the dough out, and it begins to unintentionally dry, simply put a little moisturizer cream on your hands and work it back into the dough.

--Kelly Soltillo

MYDOODLE Language Arts
Loved the resources that I found. Some prices are a bit high compared to other places.
Thank you for your feedback, Pam. We are glad to hear that you were pleased with the selection of products available. We are always introducing new materials, and work with the manufacturers to ensure that we are providing you with the newest educational resources available.
At first glance, our prices might seem high, but we ask that you dig a bit deeper and give us the opportunity to fill one order for you. OUR PRICES ARE NEVER ABOVE THE MANUFACTURER'S SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE. Many school supply etailers will offer discounted prices, but remember to find out why.
  • Are their products new? We only sell new, unopened resources.
  • What is the delivery time? We ship all orders the same day.
  • Do they have a fair return policy? You will never be stuck with any of our products.
  • How is their customer service? We are always available to answer product, order, and any general questions you have. We have one of the highest customer loyalty ratings in the industry...we invite you to find out why.
Thank you for your post. We hope that the $5.00 coupon will give you added incentive to place an order at SchooDoodle. I promise that you will be completely satisfied.
Thank you again for your honest feedback!


MYDOODLE Super Shippers!
I REALLY appreciate the quick shipping!  I am so used to waiting a week to receive online got my books to me in 2 days!
Thank you so much!!
THANK YOU, Trish! It makes us happy when our customers are pleased with our service. The warehouse staff works hard to ensure that your shipments arrive quickly.

--Trish Hamilton

MYDOODLE Damaged Shipment
I ordered the SI-16506 Giant Mega Sand Timer, and it arrived damaged. I called to notify you and you got a replacement to me the next day! Unfortunately, that one was also damaged (what does UPS do with the boxes, play soccer?). I was a bit annoyed that it was not packed better the second time. When I called to let you know about the problem, my customer service rep personally went out to the warehouse and packed my timer for me!! It arrived the next day in one piece. Thank you for making it easy to get the new timer sent out. It is reassuring to know that you stand by your products and delivery.
We appreciate your patience. We make every effort to get products sent out quickly and packed well; unfortunately, we cannot control how a package is treated once it leaves our warehouse. If a package ever does arrive damaged, you can be confident that we will have a replacement at your door immediately.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

--Sarah Dillinger

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