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15 Seconds of Fame
Engage students with this activity to establish plot and setting. Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, Journaling, Traits of Writing, Oral Language, Speaking

Back to School Activities


Black History Month and Martin Luther King
Lessons and activities to teach students about African American achievers and a free e-book!

Catch Kids Being Good

 Catch students being good and reinforce that positive behavior quickly and easily with postcards to parents.  

Customs and Traditions in Mexico

This reading activity is designed to help students learn about the customs and traditions of Mexico.

Differentiate Instruction Using Choice Boards

Dos and Don'ts of Science Fair Displays
Create the best science fair displays

Dr. Seuss Characters Word Search

 Review all of the great books by Dr. Seuss and locate his memorable characters in the reproducible word search.  

Fact Storming
Fact Storming is a summarization activity that begins as a whole class review and leads to individuals pairs or small groups reworking the information to make it their own.

Family Traditions
Traditions are important part of family life. In this activity, students explore one of their own family traditions.

Fantasy Football Math

Finding Main Ideas
Finding main ideas and communication with readers

Guide to Black History Month Lesson Plans
A wealth of resources and lessons for Black History Month

Halloween Safety Posters
Inspire creativity and promote safety during the Halloween season.

Imaginary Insect Zoo
Students will make imaginary insects which have the essential characteristics of an insect, such as six legs and three body parts.

Living Creatures Projects from Insect Lore
Take Science Fair projects to a whole new level with Insect Lore

Mr. Walloby's Christmas Tree
Teach children the importance of utilizing found objects to make creative and wonderful holiday crafts!  

Native American Leather Stories

 Teach Native American symbols with "leather stories."  Engage students in the language of symbols and create a wonderful hallway display.  

Overcome Back-to-School Jitters with Fun Ice Breakers

S.O.S Summary

 An S.O.S. Summary is an assessment that can be used at any point in a lesson.  Present a statement (S), and then ask the students' opinions (O) about that statement.  After students have either agreed or disagreed with the statement, ask them to support (S) his or her opinion with evidence.  This summary can be used before or during a unit, and it is a great way to assess students' attitudes, prior knowledge, and even misconceptions about a topic.